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Our Rules

February 2007


The objects of the Association shall be:-

  • To promote better acquaintance and closer association among the Members, in order to encourage co-operation, exchange of business and inter-trading.
  • To keep fellow Members informed wherever possible of any business opportunities applicable to their classification.
  • To maintain the highest level of integrity in all business dealings of Members.
  • To provide a high quality venue on neutral ground where Members of the Association may meet from time to time to entertain their clients and prospects, the meetings being avowedly devoted to cementing business relationships.
  • To maintain communication between this Association, the Executives Association of Great Britain (“EAGB”) and other Executives Associations at home and overseas, with the object of providing mutual contacts and information for the Members when required.


An Annual General Meeting of Members shall be held at least once a year upon at least two weeks’ notice to the Members. At the Annual General Meeting in each year Committee members appointed or co-opted at or since the previous Annual General Meeting shall retire and the Members present shall elect Members to replace those retiring. Members retiring shall be eligible for re-election. No member shall serve as Chairperson for more than three years consecutively.


  • The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Committee.
  • At the Annual General Meeting each year the Members shall elect a Committee comprising a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and at least two other Members.


  • The Committee shall have power to conduct bank accounts, employ staff, and do such other things as may be necessary to manage the business of the Association;
  • The Committee shall conduct its business as it shall think fit. There shall be at least four Members but the quorum shall be not less than three;
  • The Committee shall have power to co-opt additional Members of the Association to become Committee members;
  • No Committee member shall receive any moneys from the funds of the Association except to reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.


  • New membership applications, stating clearly the applicant’s area of business, will be notified to all members. Any objection must be made in writing to the committee within 21 days. The committee may uphold an objection on the grounds of duality of classification with any existing Member.
  • The Members of the Association shall be such persons as the Committee may agree to admit to membership PROVIDED THAT they are proposed and seconded by existing Members personally known to them. Members shall pay on the 1st day of January each year such subscriptions and dues as the Association shall decide at the Annual General Meeting. If any Member shall fail to pay such subscriptions dues and capitation fees by 31st March in any year his or her membership of the Association shall be deemed to lapse unless the Committee provide otherwise. A list shall be kept of the names and addresses of the Members.
  • Payments to be made as one lump sum (Annual membership fee plus nine breakfast meetings with two further breakfasts for free) or as a lump sum for membership fee and eleven monthly standing order payments. No refunds for non-attendance to be given.
  • If any member shall fail to pay such subscriptions, dues and capitation fees or fail to set up a standing order by 31st March in any year, his or her membership of the Association shall be deemed to lapse unless the Committee provide otherwise. A list shall be kept of the names and addresses of the Members.


  • Each Member Company is entitled to a maximum of four named representatives. Members are required to be represented at not less than 50% of monthly meetings.
  • If a Member has not been represented at 50% of the monthly meetings, that Member’s place may be offered to a new applicant for membership in the same classification.
  • It is a fundamental principle of the Association that only one Member Company for each classification (as determined by the committee) is permitted.


An annual affiliation fee of £50.00 will be payable by the Association to EAGB by the end of January each year. This amount to be changed from time to time in the future by mutual agreement between the Committee and EAGB.


The Committee shall have the right from time to time to elect an honorary Member in consideration of past services rendered or for any other reason they may think fit. Such Members will have all privileges of membership except that such Members shall not be entitled to vote at an Annual General Meeting.


Members of the Association are entitled to attend not more than three normal meetings per year (other than as a guest) of each other Executives’ Association. Arrangements must be made through the host Co-ordinator.


These Rules may be amended at any time by a majority resolution of the Members at any meeting of the Association including the Annual General Meeting PROVIDED THAT at least two weeks prior written notice shall have been given to the Members, such amendments to be notified to the co-ordinator of the EAGB.


The members may resolve to wind up and dissolve the Association by a majority resolution at any meeting of the Association including the Annual General Meeting. Upon a winding-up or dissolution the net assets of the Association shall be divided among the Members equally.


At Committee meetings and at General Meetings the Chairman shall preside and shall have a casting vote or additional vote in the event of equality of votes. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman (if any) or in his absence any Committee Member shall preside.